Diethylaminodifluorosulfinium tetrafluoroborate

CAS 63517-29-3, Cat. No EN300-393165
Deoxofluorinating reagent and activating agent of some organic groups

Diethylaminodifluorosulfinium Tetrafluoroborate

XtalFluor-E is a powerful and versatile fluorinating agent that surpasses traditional reagents in multiple aspects. XtalFluor-E, a tetrafluoroborate salt, offers several advantages over its renowned precursor, DAST. The salt form exhibits enhanced handling ease and higher temperature stability. As a deoxofluorinating reagent, XtalFluor-E demonstrates superior selectivity compared to SF4 and generates fewer elimination byproducts. Beyond this, XtalFluor-E also serves as an activating reagent for substrates such as alcohols and carboxylic acids, promoting the substitution of oxygen by other nucleophiles like halides or amines. Additionally, it facilitates regioselective aziridine ring opening, leading to the formation of fluorinated diamino acid derivatives.

Synonyms: XtalFluor-E®, (Diethylamino)difluorosulfonium tetrafluoroborate, diethylamino(difluoro)sulfanium;tetrafluoroborate