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2 000 new building blocks are synthesized monthly. Here is an important update to our MedChem Highlights from October 2022

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Compound Library Management

Reformatting and storage of the compound libraries require not only an exorbitant investment in liquid-handling lab and low-temperature storage facility, but also in-depth expertise in compound management, organizing workflows and logistics. We are happy to share with you our skills and capabilities to cost-efficiently support your discovery programs with storing purchased or synthesized compound libraries at Enamine and supply them to your labs in most suitable plated format.

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Compound plating

We can work with any plate format, from 96- to 1536-well plates, and provide them in practically any layout and scenario including:

  • Multiple copies
  • Assay-ready plates using nanolitre-scale acoustic dispensing
  • Dose response curve (DRC) plates
  • Flexible compound cherry-picking
  • Compound pooling

Library storage

We can store your library either acquired from our extensive Compound Library catalog or sent to us from any location in the world in our cold room at -18°C. We will provide a copy of this library to a screening lab of your choice in just-in-time mode. This may be our HTS lab at Bienta or any other CRO you collaborate with.

Equipment list

  • Beckman Biomek i7 and i5 Automated Workstations including Span-8, 96- and 384-channel heads
  • Beckman Echo 550 / 650 / 655 Series Acoustic Liquid Handlers
  • Tecan Freedom EVO (Liquid & Air)
  • Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform with 384- or 96-channel heads
  • Dynamic Devices Lynx Liquid Handling Platform with 384- or 96-channel heads
  • Hamilton LabElite DeCapper
  • Agilent PlateLoc Thermal Microplate Sealer with optional sealing under argon atmosphere
  • Micronic Side Barcode Readers
  • Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ High Speed Barcode Reader
  • BioMicroLab SampleScan Mini
  • BioMicroLab Volume Check System VC384

To ensure accuracy for the plates formatting all the equipment is undergoing regular service maintenance checks.

Hit Follow up Support

The success of a hit finding campaign heavily depends on quality of screening library and hit confirmation process. We offer seamless support in following-up the hits identified after screening of our Compound Libraries.

  • Hit Confirmation: dry samples resupplied from the same batch, QC check, HPLC repurification, chiral resolution, impurities identification.
  • Analogs: search within over 3M stock Screening Collection, REAL Database and REAL Space. Enumeration of new hit follow-up libraries.
  • Resynthesis: typically within 3 weeks following in-house synthesis protocols.


If you purchase our screening library, you can fully benefit from our Compound Management services. We offer storage of the libraries in a special low-temperature facility and delivery of plate copies for screening or hit confirmation on your order.

Hit Confirmation

  • Resupply from the same batch
  • Quality control using advanced techniques
  • HPLC purification, chiral separation
  • Resynthesis and structure confirmation

Hit Expansion

  • Analogs in Screening Collection, REAL Database and REAL Space
  • Follow-up libraries design and enumeration of new molecules
  • In silico screening services: Pharmacophore modeling and docking calculation, MD simulations.

Hit to Lead

  • FTE-based Chemistry support
  • Broad ADME panel
  • PK studies

We offer cost-effective chemistry support to any medchem-related projects including synthesis of sophisticated individual compound and unchallenged parallel synthesis of small focused libraries besides conventional wet chemistry. Enamine is a non-classic CRO, rather a chemistry research organization. Having the largest proportion of its business in compound catalog sales, the company has accumulated over the years at its research site in Kyiv the world’s largest collection of building blocks. You can access this powerful resource directly at Enamine when outsourcing your chemical FTE’s to us. This will allow you to:

  • Decrease turnaround time by having same day supply to your FTE labs
  • Access unique compounds available exclusively from Enamine
  • Save on costs


Our proven high potential to accelerate and enhance drug discovery projects has been recognized by a recently drastically growing number of clients – from academic labs to big pharma companies viaSME’s. The number of chemical FTE’s outsourced to Enamine has doubled since 2019. Currently only 1/3 of our chemists are engaged in FTE collaborations and we can easily expand our service branch by relocating additional chemists from non-exclusive synthesis for our public catalogs.

FTE chemistry support

Skillful chemists

Enamine is a global leader in synthetic innovation in medicinal chemistry. We have over 650 skillful chemists with scientific expertise in various fields of chemistry widely documented in the peer-reviewed scientific journals. Our chemists have in-depth experience in a wide number of unique chemical techniques such as fluorination with SF4, photochemistry in flow, electrochemistry, high-pressure hydrogenation etc., which are well validated at Enamine and are scarcely available at other CRO’s.

Building Blocks

Our FTE rate includes free-of-charge access to most of our building blocks and the rest is offered with a sizeable discount. Our clients benefit from our enormous experience in building block synthesis. Enamine’s collection of make-on-demand “MADE” building blocks provides an important source of ideas and inspiration.

Parallel synthesis capabilities

We can use parallel synthesis for more than 35 different reactions including photochemistry. Based on the deep knowledge of our building blocks and on their reactivity we have developed predictive models which can maximize success rate in synthesis of compound libraries. Read more…

Molecular modeling

If needed Enamine Molecular modeling group can support the project with virtual screening, pharmacophore modeling and other CADD services.

Flexible arrangement

In contrast to classical CRO’s, the number of FTE’s at Enamine can be amended on a ultra-short notice, should it be to increase or decrease the size of a team.

ADMET/PK tests and HTS

Bienta, the biological department of Enamine (, can deploy state-of-the-art support to medchem collaborations by providing ADMET and Pharmacokinetics tests including animal studies. If a new hit-finding campaign is required, Bienta can offer HTS using Enamine’s significant diverse screening libraries or any customizable set from targeted and diverse libraries pools available at Enamine, which are totaling over 3M compounds. Read more…

All these features and more make Enamine a partner of first choice for different types of FTE-projects including:

  • Synthesis of hit-finding libraries, analog preparation;
  • Scaffold decoration using diverse capping agents;
  • Singleton synthesis, Hit-to-lead optimization, scaffold-hopping;
  • Synthesis of Building-Blocks / scaffolds including scale-up validation;
  • Feasibility studies.

Impurity Reference Standards

Unidentified, potentially toxic impurities are health hazards. To increase the safety of drug therapy, impurities should be recognized and their content in API’s must be managed according to ICH and FDA guidelines. Enamine has widely documented scientific expertise in organic synthesis that has already helped us to synthesize a large number of previously unidentified impurities.


Our entire catalog counts now over 400 impurity reference standards. Their detailed certificates of analysis include clear-cut identity and purity information supported by NMR, HPLC/MS and/or GCMS data.

Drug impurity profiling

Enamine provides services in the analysis of API’s to identify impurities. We investigate all steps in the production process assessing any compound or solvent involved in it that could possibly be responsible for the formation of impurities or degradation products. This comprehensive analysis allows a reliable prediction of the structure of the unknown impurities, identification of their generation mechanism, and subsequently strategic impurity management.

Custom Synthesis

Our strong point and competitive advantage are in the design of synthesis routes. We don’t require documented synthesis procedure to produce your compound of interest. In most of the cases, we can propose a realistic synthesis scheme from scratch and successfully realize it producing a desirable amount of compound (from mg to gram scale) in the requested purity.


Pharmacokinetics (PK) reveals the fate of substances in the body over time. The compounds can be administered in multiple ways, among which peroral (PO) and intravenous (IV) are the most popular ones. Cassette dosing in the PK study allows for understanding of the drugs interaction in vivo system.

All PK studies can be customized upon request.


In vivo models

In vivo models play a pivotal role in the drug discovery process. Evaluation of the lead compounds in living organisms for safety and efficacy remains one of the main requirements before clinical studies in humans. In our studies, we thrive to minimize the use of vertebral animals and substitute assays for evaluation of the lead compounds with in vitro models whenever possible. However, some complex diseases, e.g. diabetes, require enrolment of experimental animals.

Our bioanalytical laboratory possesses the national regulatory certification for providing bioanalytical support of clinical bioavailability and bioequivalence studies.

We work closely with our customers to develop an ADME/PK program specifically tailored to their project needs, ensuring flexible approach depending on the requirements and specifications. We can develop or modify specific methods according to what is requested, including high-throughput ADME analysis and Express ADME panel to accomodate large sets and strict deadlines.

Animal Studies

Rodent Models