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2 000 new building blocks are synthesized monthly. Here is an important update to our MedChem Highlights from July 2020

Recent News

  • 15 April 2020   Press Releases

    Enamine and Chemspace collaborate with Blue Dolphin Lead ...

    Today Enamine, a leading provider of small molecules and drug discovery services, Chemspace, an online catalog with the largest offer of small molecules to search and buy, and Blue Dolphin Lead Discovery, a research organization focused on a fee-for-service virtual screening, announced the launch of the collaboration to support drug discovery projects.

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  • 30 March 2020   News

    Let’s fight COVID-19 together

    An international group of scientists from academia and industry, including Enamine, is trying to help combat COVID-19. This effort began when Chinese scientists worked rapidly to determine the structure of the novel SARS‑CoV‑2 main protease (Mpro), which triggered a massive crystal-based fragment screen at the XChem facility at UK’s Diamond Light Source. For more details, please visit With the same urgency, the scientists are now trying to progress these data towards what is desperately needed: effective, easy-to-make anti-COVID drugs

  • 11 March 2020   Press Releases

    Enamine to be the exclusive supplier of Astex’ MiniFrag ...

    Enamine Ltd. and Astex Pharmaceuticals (UK) have cooperated to provide wide access to Astex’ MiniFrag library, an efficient Fragment-based Drug Discovery tool for identification of hot and warm spots of protein targets. The Library is readily available from Enamine in any suitable format, including dry samples or assay-ready high concentration (1M, 100mM) aqueous soaks in containers of preferred type. The detected MiniFrag hits can be followed-up with a wide range of stock available and synthetically feasible derivatives as well as with building blocks for introduction of the relevant structural features for lead optimization.

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Upcoming events

Enamine takes an active part in the industry’s life participating in the leading international conferences, symposiums, and other events. We will be happy to meet with you, exchange opinions on the latest developments and discuss current projects and future business opportunities. For more information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2017 year

Date & Venue Event Presence
March 5 – 7
Vienna, Austria
Fragments 2017
6th RSC-BMCS Fragment-based Drug Discovery meeting


2016 year

Date & Venue Event Presence
November 30 – December 1
Lille, France 
Biofit 2016  Delegate 
November 28 – 29
Didcot, UK
Future of Fragments Symposium Sponsoring,
October 25 – 27
Berlin, Germany
12th Global Conference Intelligent Compound Libraries Sponsoring,
October 9 – 12
Boston, MA, USA
FBLD 2016
Fragment-based Lead Discovery Conference 2016
September 28 – 30
Autrans, France
École Thématique de Criblage 2016 Sponsoring
September 11 – 15
Seville, Spain
6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress Delegate
August 31 –
September 3

Heidelberg, Germany
Chemical Biology 2016 Sponsoring
August 28 –
September 1

Manchester, UK
EFMC-ISMC 2016 Booth #11
August 7 – 12
Kyiv, Ukraine
18th European Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry Organiser
July 12 – 15
Melbourne, Australia 
2nd Fragment Based Drug Discovery Down Under Meeting
July 6 – 8
Caen, France
RICT: Interfacing Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery Booth #14
June 26 – 29
Chicago, Il, USA
National Medicinal Chemistry Symposium (NMCS) TBC
June 13 – 15
Verona, Italy
6th RSC / SCI symposium on GPCRs in Medicinal Chemistry TBC
June 2 – 3
Oxford, UK
Drug discovery: creating a new ecosystem Sponsoring 
May 16 – 17
Nottingham, UK
Kinase 2016: Next Generation Inhibitors Sponsoring,
May 10 – 11
Cambridge, UK
High Content & Phenotypic Screening 2016 (SelectBio) Sponsoring,
April 21
Hatfield, UK
27th symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in Eastern England Sponsoring
April 19 – 22
San Diego, USA
Drug Discovery Chemistry Booth
April 14
London, UK
RSC BMCS and RSC H&SG symposium: Synthesis in the Agrisciences Sponsoring
April 12 – 13
Berlin, German
Compound Management in Industry and Academia Conference #SLASCM16 Delegate
March 13 – 17
San Diego, USA
251st American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition (Computers in Chemistry) Booth,