REAL Database: More New Compounds, Lower Prices

Enamine makes a new release of REAL database comprising 680 million structures and announces sales with 20% off for requests received online

The next release of REAL database comprises 680 million distinct small molecules and by far is the largest offer of commercially available compounds on the market. REAL (readily accessible) compound is a virtual chemical compound which synthesis can be performed in a parallel way at Enamine with high (at least 80%) probability of success. A collection of the REAL compounds composes REAL database – a pool of novel highly feasible compounds that can be used in compound collection enhancement programs, virtual screening and identification of analogues during hit explosion in hit-to-lead. You can conveniently search REAL database online at and benefit from 20% discount for you online requests in the period between July 15 and September 15, 2018!

The REAL compounds are produced in one synthetic step from the qualified building blocks via well-validated parallel chemistry procedures within only 3 weeks. The completeness of syntheses is so high (frequently reaching 100%) that acquisition of REAL compounds resembles purchases from stock collection. A usual purchase order can be raised.

Compared to the previous version additional enumerations of 4,500 new building blocks and 20 new reaction procedures gave 350 million new REAL compounds and doubled the size of REAL database. These new compounds have no close analogues in the purchasable space of 17 million molecules: over 60 per cent new REAL compounds have neighbors with Tanimoto similarity coefficient of less than 0.6.

Tanimoto similarity coefficient

REAL database is one of the options to access REAL compounds. REAL Space Navigator, a chemoinformatics tool jointly developed with BioSolveIT, does not maintain the huge number of REAL compounds but generates them on the go thus affording a powerful and convenient option to search for analogues in theoretical space of 3.8 billion REAL compounds!

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