Saturated Heterocycles with Aliphatic Chlorosulfo-Functionality

Sulfonyl chlorides are an important class of building blocks in medicinal chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, and pharmacology. Sulfonyl chlorides are largely used to prepare sulfonamides, compounds exhibiting a broad spectrum of biological activities. The overwhelming majority of the marketed sulfonamide drugs are prepared from aromatic sulfonyl chlorides on account of a limited availability of their saturated congeners.

In connection with this an expansion of commercially available sets of saturated ring sulfonyl chlorides is needed. Noteworthy, synthetic non-planar saturated rings possessing limited number of rotatable bonds and asymmetric carbons (characteristic properties of many drugs and natural compounds) are presently of high demand in drug discovery. Herewith we highlight a few saturated heterocyclic structures bearing aliphatic chlorosulfo group. These novel compounds have recently been synthesized by our chemists and are now presented to public.

Examples of available saturated ring sulfonyl chlorides are presented below. Download full list of Saturated Heterocyclic Sulfonyl Chlorides in SDF / ISIS DB format or browse it on-line at our EnamineStore web-store.


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