November 2018

Building Blocks Digest

Building Blocks for Library Synthesis

Enamine is proud to offer the world’s largest stock of building blocks enhanced now with further 1 549 new compounds synthesized over the past two weeks. We not only serve them à la carte from our catalogue but also supply them in any custom amount (e.g. in µmol) and format for library synthesis. Please do not hesitate to let us synthesize compound libraries for you. You will be pleasantly surprised by high speed and low cost of our service!

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New and Selected Building Blocks

This section of our biweekly digest lists carefully selected new building blocks that have been synthesized in our labs over the past two weeks. We will be happy if our latest findings will allow you to swiftly realize the goals in your research projects. You can also review previously selected products under each featured category.

Primary amines View all 615 selected from stock
Carboxylic acids View all 537 selected from stock
Pyrrolidines View all 414 selected from stock
Fluorinated amines View all 394 selected from stock
Bicyclic amines View all 333 selected from stock
Unnatural amino acids View all 312 selected from stock
Azetidines View all 246 selected from stock
Piperidines View all 240 selected from stock
Sulfonyl chlorides and their utile synthetic equivalents View all 199 selected from stock
Proline analogues View all 171 selected from stock
Morpholine mimetics View all 169 selected from stock
Fluorinated carboxylic acids View all 159 selected from stock
Ketones View all 122 selected from stock
Oxetanes View all 119 selected from stock
Non-classical benzene bioisosteres View all 104 selected from stock