Compound Collection Enhancement

Enamine is a reliable partner for compound collection enhancement (CCE) programs providing a full cycle of services from development of the initial concept in close collaboration with customer and synthesis of the scaffolds to parallel chemistry and compound management of the library compounds.

We offer:

  • Business model adaptable for each customer – fee-for-service, FTE-based or mixed.
  • Flexible design – based on the customer’s template(s) or our own scaffold collection, or focused on special compound classes such as covalent ligands or macrocycles. We can reshape the compound collection using advanced chemoinformatics tools according to virtually any selection criteria.
  • Diversity and speed – we can rely on the world’s largest collection of stock Building Blocks (around 200K) to construct the target cores and to decorate them.
  • Experience – we are highly skilled in both parallel chemistry and complex multistep synthetic projects, with >2 000 customers varying from small biotech and academia to big pharma.
  • Quality control and logistics – we perform reversed-phase preparative HPLC purification on all synthesized compounds to assure they meet purity requirements (usually 90% or 95% pure). Their quality is controlled with LCMS and up to 100% with 1H NMR. The compounds can be delivered in virtually any containers, including those received from a customer and assay-ready plates for immediate screening.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and quotes on our service.


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