Real compounds

New chemical space for discovery

The chemical universe is immense. Have you ever thought that you can deal with virtual compounds as if they are from stock and benefit from low prices and assured quick delivery with minimum attrition? We can help you to escape from the availability bias and benefit from the huge diversity of drug-like compounds in your virtual screening campaigns and in search for hit analogues. Having almost 186 910 building blocks in stock, we are ready at any moment to assemble the final molecules on your request in just 1-2 synthesis steps. We set no limitations on the number of compounds to synthesize and allow cherry-picking in the entire synthetically feasible space counting 11 billion REAL compounds (REAL to underline that the compounds are readily accessible).

We only need 2-3 weeks to ship you a library of ca. 100 compounds. Synthesis success rate normally attains 85% and higher. This is achieved because of the usage of only available in stock building blocks. Moreover, each such reagent has been previously subjected to test reactions profiling its reactivity. Together with thorough validated chemical reactions and elaborated SOP’s these factors make the REAL compounds a unique product that allows for going beyond what is available in stock in the search for new hit compounds. Ordering the REAL compounds is the same as if you order compounds from stock.

There are two principal solutions to access REAL compounds. REAL Database lists enumerated REAL compounds. You can download it or search online. REAL Space Navigator is a chemoinformatics software tool generating REAL compounds that are similar to your query structure. This is not a database.

REAL compounds


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