Hydrolytically stable sulfonyl fluorides

A new type of hydrolytically stable aliphatic sulfonyl fluorides matching general formula were developed and synthesized in our Company.

These compounds are hydrolytically stable and can serve as convenient substitutes for analogues hardly available and unstable under normal laboratory conditions aliphatic sulfonyl chlorides. (Krutak J. J. et al.; J. Org. Chem.; 44; 1979; 3847 - 3858).

Fluoronyl sufonyl group is stable in the presence of aqueous acids and stable to most reaction conditions. Nevertheless, they could be converted by simple, one-step procedures to sulfamides.

These compounds allow effective introduction of sulfamide pharmacophore fragment in the molecules of screening compounds:

The screening compounds bearing aliphatic fragment tethered via a sulfamide linker to heterocycles are not widely spread on the market. Thus, these compounds are starting materials for novel and previously unexplored sulfamides. Screening Collection of Enamine also contains a number of various sulfamides prepared from the aliphatic sulfonyl fluorides and different amines and anilines.


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