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Covalent Fragment Libraries

Recent years witnessed significant growth in the number of drug candidates with covalent mechanism of action progressing through clinical trials or being approved; moreover, about 30% of the marketed drugs are covalent binders. Following this trend, we have designed series of Covalent Fragment Libraries by combining the reactive electrophilic/nucleophilic moieties capable of covalent bond formation and lead-like cores. Careful choice of “warheads” provided the right balance between reactivity and selectivity to be most convenient for wide range of bioassays.

Specially synthesized sets for covalent FBDD projects classified by “warheads”:


Z1991602449 Z2756783988 Z1341190610

General Covalent Fragments
widest choice of covalent anchors
with appealing cores

Serine focused Covalent Fragments
the most convenient tool for finding
new Ser covalent binders

Lysine focused Covalent Fragments
unique set of 640 Lys specific binders

Z147642566 Z2285377900

Epoxides Fragment Set
the attractive set of 200 diverse epoxides

Acrylamides fragment Set
the largest commercially available
in-stock acrylamide library

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