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Enamine Fragment Libraries

The real benefits of Fragment-Based Drug Discovery (FBDD) such as low entry costs and ease of generating leads can only be developed with the right high quality tool – a fragment set. It can furnish desired number of hits, at the same time remaining small in size (200 - 3 000 compounds) hence not requiring significant investment. The fragment library design is dictated by the screening technique to be employed and is done through rigorous selection of high quality compounds. Besides chemical purity, stability and solubility criteria it’s essential to pick the representatives of as many molecular clusters as possible.

Enamine’s collection of screening compounds and building blocks is known to be the largest in the world, exceeding 2.2 M substances and it can therefore yield the most diverse screening sets.

Most of our fragments are novel and exclusive only to us so that your FBDD will not repeat path of your predecessors and produce new original leads.

Z1198176430 Z1127205115 Z1860991860

Golden Fragment Library
confirmed solubility at 1-2 mM
high framework diversity

Essential Fragment Library
water solubility at 1mM
confirmed stability in water buffer

Single Pharmacophore Library
Small & Smart approach

Z1954802871 Z1225460101

Covalent Fragment Libraries
specially designed and synthesized

Fluorinated Fragments
confirmed water solubility at 1mM
specified F19 NMR shifts

You can download SDF’s of our fragment libraries on the corresponding product pages or on the download page. Please feel free to contact us at . We welcome cherry-picking from all libraries and can further assist your selection.

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