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This issue of Enamine Product Focus highlights Lactams, cyclic amide building blocks. There are numerous examples of Lactams usage in drug discovery, e.g., β-lactam based antibiotics, oral anticoagulant Rivaroxaban, and anticonvulsant Levetiracetam.

Rivaroxaban, 2008Levetiracetam, 2000

The specific features of Lactam building blocks that are of advantage to drug design are summarized in the chart below.

Enamine’s Lactam building block collection is represented by many useful scaffolds, for example, piperidones, piperazinones, (thio)morpholiones, pyrrolidones, and their benzo-fused analogues. From combinatorial chemistry standpoint especially interesting lactams in our collection are those bearing additional functionalities, such as carboxyl, chlorosulfonyl, and amino-groups.


The procedures developed for the synthesis of our Lactams allow preparation of highly diverse building blocks on 1–10 g scale. In addition we offer synthesis of novel compounds of the requested structure in 4–8 weeks. Scale-up to 1 kg quantity is performed upon request.

Representative examples of our Lactam building blocks are given below. Full Enamine Lactam database can be downloaded here.


EN300-14698 EN400-15942 EN300-12374
EN400-15247 EN300-04190 EN300-05878
EN300-27804 EN300-35705 EN300-36103
EN300-14296 EN300-14821 EN300-35764


EN300-13073 EN300-13555 EN300-14981

Carboxylic acids

EN300-42819 EN300-26212 EN300-23517
EN300-13491 EN300-08179 EN300-22965

Other Lactams

EN300-29977 EN300-35893 EN300-12065
EN300-35925 EN300-26962 EN300-23715
EN300-27121 EN300-52210 EN300-62393

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