Carboxylic Acid Fragment Library

For difficult targets and sensible onset

4 350 compounds

In response to high demand for new and small carboxylic acids we have created a set of carefully selected specific molecules that strictly meet quality fragment requirements. Our carboxylic acid fragments mainly consist of the compounds prepared in the last three years in previously established Enamine in-house synthesis programs.

This type of fragments has great potential for hit finding on new and difficult targets, e. g. protein-protein interactions (PPI), due to increased binding affinity to the so-called “hot-spot” residues (such as arginine). In addition, solubility and membrane permeability of the discovered initial hits – considered as common limiting factors for phenotypic screening or in vivo studies – are also improved.

Key features:

  • High novelty and core diversity
  • Fast follow-up with stock available analogues & synthesis
  • Cherry-picking is available, customer preferred delivery format

Examples of the molecules in the library


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