Chloromethyl (trimethylsilyl)methyl sulfide

CAS 105850-89-3, Cat. No EN300-253475
Thiocarbonyl ylide precursor

Chloromethyl (trimethylsilyl)methyl sulfide

Chloromethyl (trimethylsilyl)methyl sulfide is a valuable source of thiocarbonyl ylide, which exhibits rapid reactivity in 1-3 dipolar cycloadditions [3+2] or [3+3], leading to the formation of S-heterocycles[1], [2], [3]. The formation of intermediate occurs in the presence of F- anion from salts(CsF, N+Me4F- for example). The versatility of thiocarbonyl ylide is evident in its reaction with a diverse range of substrates[1]. It demonstrates compatibility with aliphatic aldehydes, aryl isothiocyanates, activated four- and five-membered alkenes[1], [3]. By harnessing the unique reactivity of chloromethyl (trimethylsilyl)methyl sulfide and its resulting thiocarbonyl ylide, chemists can access a wide array of S-heterocycles and engage in diverse synthetic transformations.

Synonyms: Chloromethyl (trimethylsilyl)methylsulfide, chloromethylsulfanylmethyl(trimethyl)silane, (((Chloromethyl)thio)methyl)trimethylsilane

Selected publication

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