Our team

Our people - our key asset. This is why the focus of Enamine has been on attracting the brightest research, engineering, management, and business talents from top Ukrainian institutions and abroad. The company supports multiple educational initiatives and research competitions for students and graduates in order to attract the most creative minds right from the early days of their career.

Currently, Enamine production team includes above 500 highly skilled chemists, biologists, engineers, computational specialists and scientific managers, altogether creating thousands of new chemical compounds on monthly basis, performing complex synthetic projects, comprehensive analytical and quality control programs, bioanalytical and screening services and many other tasks, required to deliver quality products and services to our customers. As of 2017, over 60 scientists at Enamine have been awarded PhD degree and 4 of them have obtained Doctor of Sciences (DSc) degree - the highest scientific level in Ukraine.

The company's operations, marketing, business development, and sales teams comprise of highly experienced leaders which make sure Enamine customers always get products and services they need, and consulting support they want.