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The world’s largest collection of building blocks in stock:
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New Building Blocks

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Ever-expanding collection of 3 million compounds

Screening Libraries & HTS

120 000 Fragment compounds
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A broad test panel to support lead discovery
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ADME/T & in-vivo PK

Scientific research and development of techniques for the synthesis of organic compounds

High Fidelity Fragments

High Fidelity Library

Fragments of high MedChem tractability  

REAL Database

The largest enumerated database of synthetically feasible molecules

Functional Compounds

Impurity Reference Standards

Covalent Fragments

Covalent Fragments

Diverse covalent warheads with balanced reactivity

2 000 new building blocks are synthesized monthly. Here is an important update to our MedChem Highlights from May 2019

Recent News

  • 26 March 2019   Press Releases

    Enamine extends multi-year drug discovery collaboration with Lundbeck

    Enamine and H. Lundbeck A/S (Lundbeck) announced the expansion of their research collaboration. Enamine will support Lundbeck’s in-house discovery chemistry competencies with three principal assets enabling Lundbeck to optimally identify and develop hit series in its multiple research programs. A large diverse library of 100 000 new screening compounds was done for hit finding activities on numerous therapeutic targets. Enamine’s make-on-demand REAL compounds are for efficient access to billions of novel chemical compounds. Enamine FTE increased dedicated team of chemists to effectively support Lundbeck on all hit related follow-up activities backed by immediate access to over 170 000 building blocks in Enamine’s inventory.

    Read press release

  • 12 February 2019   News

    Enamine to Support Large-scale Hit Discovery Programs via New ...

    Scientists at the UCSF, together with colleagues at the UNC, created the largest “docking-friendly” database of molecules, based on the Readily Accessible (REAL) compounds from Enamine. Practical validation of the new database was recently published in Nature magazine, demonstrating that it is capable of identifying extremely powerful and synthetically available new hits.

  • 05 February 2019   News

    Horizon 2020 Project PELICO, Coordinated by Enamine, Achieves Promising ...

    EU-funded project PELICO, under Enamine’s coordination, reports promising results in synthesis of peptides, their pharmacokinetic and toxicity studies, and coupling with photo-controlled building blocks to yield new photo-controlled peptidomimetics.

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Having more than 909 647 building blocks, intermediates and scaffolds in stock (typically in 5-30 g amounts), Enamine is in a position to offer the most comprehensive scope of compound library design and synthesis services on the market.

Key Facts:

  • A library of up to 300 compounds is normally shipped within 3 weeks (up to 20 mg)
  • 60 Reactions (acylation, reductive amination, sulfonylation, aromatic nucleophilic substitution, etc.) are optimized for parallel synthesis including metal-catalyzed reactions in inert atmosphere
  • RP HPLC purification is the immutable standard at Enamine

Our Business Models in Library Synthesis

Model 1.Collaborations using templates and scaffolds

  • 100% Collaborative approach
  • You decide on type of decorative chemistry, number of variations (matrix), and select the end-compounds to synthesize
  • Validated chemistry. Libraries can be built even on in stock scaffolds that have just been synthesized
  • Optional exclusivity

Model 2.Decoration of your scaffolds

You can send us your scaffold compounds for decoration with our building blocks

  • 100 compounds – 2-3 weeks only!
  • Flat price per compound

Model 3.Collaborations using Express Lead Library approach

A significant number of novel building blocks synthesized by Enamine possess essential complexity and dense pharmacophore architecture, e.g.:

  • Convenient selection of molecular cores
  • Any number of derived compounds per core building block
  • Fast and confident delivery (80% success rate)

Model 4.Sourcing compounds from REAL compound arrays

Enamine offers an unprecedentedly large chemical space of over 230 M synthetically accessible compounds - REAL Arrays. The compounds are searchable at (similarity search), or can be provided in a database format clustered into subgroups:

  • Fragments
  • Lead-like compounds
  • Sp 3-Rich compounds
  • Carboxylic acids
  • Secondary amines
  • Covalent modifiers
  • PPI modulators
  • Annotated – analogues of the known bioactive compounds
  • 2016 update – built with building blocks synthesized in 2016

and any subset based on your selection criteria

Once you select desired compounds to be included in the library, we perform its synthesis. We guarantee the following terms of our services:

  • Short synthesis time: 3 weeks for up to a few hundred compounds
  • High success rate: 80-90% for small libraries (up to 150 compounds)
  • Simple compound purchase orders

Other services which might be useful to you: