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Covalent Fragments

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2 000 new building blocks are synthesized monthly. Here is an important update to our MedChem Highlights from May 2019

Recent News

  • 26 March 2019   Press Releases

    Enamine extends multi-year drug discovery collaboration with Lundbeck

    Enamine and H. Lundbeck A/S (Lundbeck) announced the expansion of their research collaboration. Enamine will support Lundbeck’s in-house discovery chemistry competencies with three principal assets enabling Lundbeck to optimally identify and develop hit series in its multiple research programs. A large diverse library of 100 000 new screening compounds was done for hit finding activities on numerous therapeutic targets. Enamine’s make-on-demand REAL compounds are for efficient access to billions of novel chemical compounds. Enamine FTE increased dedicated team of chemists to effectively support Lundbeck on all hit related follow-up activities backed by immediate access to over 170 000 building blocks in Enamine’s inventory.

    Read press release

  • 12 February 2019   News

    Enamine to Support Large-scale Hit Discovery Programs via New ...

    Scientists at the UCSF, together with colleagues at the UNC, created the largest “docking-friendly” database of molecules, based on the Readily Accessible (REAL) compounds from Enamine. Practical validation of the new database was recently published in Nature magazine, demonstrating that it is capable of identifying extremely powerful and synthetically available new hits.

  • 05 February 2019   News

    Horizon 2020 Project PELICO, Coordinated by Enamine, Achieves Promising ...

    EU-funded project PELICO, under Enamine’s coordination, reports promising results in synthesis of peptides, their pharmacokinetic and toxicity studies, and coupling with photo-controlled building blocks to yield new photo-controlled peptidomimetics.

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Express Lead Library

Readily accessible lead-like libraries based on Enamine's latest core building blocks with unique underrepresented structures

5.82 M compounds

Express Lead Library (ELL) is an extension of REAL database focusing on novel screening compounds that can be synthesized from the most recently synthesized building blocks. Having the largest building block inventory Enamine continues its expansion. Each month it is enriched with 2,000 new functionalized compounds synthesized in-house. Many of them feature results of our latest research in medchem-driven organic synthesis. Following our doctrine of accelerating drug discovery it’s important to make such chemotypes available for biological screening as soon as possible. We have selected only unusual building blocks that contain at least 2 rings or 7-membered rings. They are called “core building blocks” as they bear essential molecular complexity rendering novelty to the enumerated compound libraries. All terms of REAL database including synthesis time of 3 weeks with at least 85% success rate are also valid for supplies from ELL. It is recommended as an abundant source of selected novel compounds in Compound Collection Enhancement programs and virtual screening projects.

  • 1 592 New building blocks synthesized in 2015-2017
  • Exclusivity. Over 90 % are offered on the market only by Enamine
  • Unique underrepresented structures. The selected building blocks have no close analogues in stock and have not been largely used for library synthesis: > 92 % have less than 25 derivatives in our stock screening collection
  • Essential molecular complexity. Fragment complexity > 600

ELL molecules

  • 5.82 Million new compounds
  • Lead-like physicochemical profiles: MW < 350, sLogP < 3.5 or MW < 400, sLogP < 3, rotatable bonds < 6 (no long chains, < 4 open-chain atoms), aromatic rings < 3 (at least one heteroaromatic)
  • Balanced diversity, no singletons: 107 572 Murcko frameworks, > 5 molecules/framework, 92 % has < 100 molecules/framework
  • No toxic or unwanted groups. Filters applied: PAINS, NO2, CN, ester, triflate, sulfoxide, open-chain sulfide, terminal alkyne, carbamate, Boc-, Fmoc-, aryl/alkyl bromide/iodide, aldehyde, 2-halo pyridine/pyrimidine, oxamides